Unbounce vs WishPond

Unbounce vs WishPond: Which One Is Best For You?

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If you want to convert your visitors into leads and customers, you will need a landing page.

That’s why today, we’re going to take a look at two of the most popular landing pages out there, Unbounce and WishPond.

We are going to take a look at the features and what exactly they have to offer, as well as the cost they come at. 

Plus, I will also show you some similar alternatives you may want to take a look at too. 

Unbounce vs WishPond

Unbounce vs WishPond: Main Differences


The main differences between WishPond vs Unbounce are that while Unbounce has a little more advanced and powerful landing page features, WishPond also comes with email marketing tools. Both options have an easy-to-use drag and drop editor which is also flexible. 

There are also some key differences in pricing, as WishPond starts at a lower price, but the price increases with your contacts, so it can quickly add up.

Don’t worry, I will be showing you some great alternatives later on which also include email marketing features. 

Unbounce vs WishPond: Overview

Unbounce WishPond
Founded In 20092009
ServicesLanding Pages Landing pages + email marketing
PricingStarting at $99 per month ($79 if paid annually) 

Full pricing: See website

Starting at $49 per month 

Full pricing: See Website

Support8/10 7/10
Money-Back GuaranteeNone50% on annual plans if requested in first 2 months
Free Trial14 Days + 20% off14 Days
Overall Rating8/10 7/10

As you can see, they both offer some bad refund policies which are fine as they have a trial, but just make sure you are aware of that.

If you stay on the last day of the trial with either of these options, make sure you are 100% sure that you want to stick. 

That being said, let’s take a look at the core features both of these solutions have to offer.

Unbounce Features

Unbounce is one of the most powerful landing page solutions on the market.

They specialize in landing pages and allow their users to easily create landing pages while having a lightning-fast site speed. 

Advanced Landing Page Builder

Firstly, Unbounce has an advanced landing page builder.

I say advanced because compared to most of the other landing page builders out there like ClickFunnels or LeadPages, you get a little more customization and flexibility.

Unbounce editor

With that customization and flexibility also comes a learning curve, but it’s still very easy to use.

Although most landing page builders let you edit the title, metadata, and alt text, ranking the sites is usually pretty hard due to the speed of the pages.

However, Unbounce pages are lightning-fast and we will talk about why later on.

But, that’s a pretty cool feature. 

Pop-Ups and Sticky Bars

Inside of Unbounce you also get to create unlimited pop-ups and sticky bars.

They do have a publishing limit, but it depends on the plan you are on.

So, while, you can create unlimited, you can only have a limited number at once published.

Speed Boost and CDN 

This is something I like about Unbounce

Pages you create on Unbounce have the speed side of things already managed so that they follow Google’s best practices (without you having to mess around with them).

Unbounce also has 5 world-wide data centers and uses Amazon’s Cloud-front CDN (Content delivery network). 

In short, your pages will load fast.

Big brands such as Campaign Monitor or Later use Unbounce and they would not be using it if the pages were slow. 

Smart Traffic

Lastly, we have the smart traffic feature inside of Unbounce.

This is AI technology which sends your customer to the most relevant variation of your page (based on them).

It takes just 50 visits for the technology to discover who fits what variation best and it will automatically optimize for that.

Maybe quite an advanced feature, but definitely an effective one.

WishPond Features

Now, let’s see what WishPond has to offer. 

Landing Page Builder

WishPond also has a brilliant landing page builder.

But, it’s not quite advanced as the landing page builder you will find in Unbounce.

That’s nothing bad, as Unbounce offers some of the most advanced features on the market.

Personally, I feel that WishPond’s editor feels a little like Elementor Pro. 

That’s also nothing bad. 

Referral Campaigns and Social Promotions

This feature makes WishPond a little more unique.

You can do all kinds of these promotions including:

  • Photo contests
  • Giveaways
  • Referral Campaigns
  • Bonus Entry Conests
  • Instagram Hashtag Contests
  • Coupons
  • Vote Contests
  • Leaderboard Contests
  • Photo caption contests
  • Video Contests

This is a great feature to help you gain some engagement, referrals, and user-generated content. 

While you can build this in manually into most landing page builders, WishPond will make it easier and give you more advanced options. 

Pop-Ups & Opt-In Bars

Just like Unbounce, Wishpond does also come with pop-ups and opt-in bars which will let you collect your leads email addresses. 

Email Drip Campaigns

WishPond also comes with email drip campaigns a.k.a automation workflows.

Just like many other landing page builders, their autoresponder is a normal autoresponder as it comes with automation workflows, lead tagging, and split-testing.

In case, you’re thinking that you have to go with WishPond because of the email marketing, stick with me until the end.

I will be showing you three alternatives that let you do the same or even more for the same price (or less). 

Custom CSS

WishPond also lets you add your own custom CSS.

I’m not a coding guy myself, but if I was, I’m sure this feature would be useful.

It’s definitely nice to have that added customization and flexibility. 

How Much Do They Both Cost? 

Now, that we know what they have to offer, let’s take a look at the pricing plans.

Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce’s pricing plans changed yesterday.

Before that, they had much nicer pricing plans in my opinion. 

Pricing before yesterday (24th of June):

You had a nice number of visitors, features, and unlimited domains across all plans. 


New pricing plans (As of today, 25th of June:)

As you can see, they have put heavy limits on all the resources such as visits, conversions (collected emails or other goals), and custom domains.

They used to be almost unlimited in all plans and now they look horrible.

Fun fact: Up until yesterday, you used to get more visitors, conversions, and domains on the standard plan as you would on the new scale plan. 

That’s a big change in pricing and it’s quite negative if you ask me. 

WishPond Pricing

Anyways, let’s talk about WishPond’s pricing.

But, there is a similar scenario here which I am not impressed by.

All you’re essentially getting are landing pages and email marketing tools.

Paying $99 per month for 2,500 leads and these features, is expensive.

And, it gets worse as you build your list.

Wishpond pricing

25,000 leads for $343?! 

I am going to show you an alternative which is almost half the price for the same features (in fact, a little more).

Plus, a different alternative that gives you many more tools for the same price. 

Unbounce and WishPond Alternatives

I usually don’t like to include alternatives, as I feel if you have come across this comparison, these are the products you are interested in, but here I think its suited.

There are simply much better options out there for most people.

That being said, WishPond and Unbounce have their own use cases, so let’s take a look at them first.

Use Unbounce If:

Use Unbounce if you need the unique landing page features (smart traffic, CDN) and are in an industry with high-value leads.

The reason, I say high-value leads is because you don’t get a lot of conversions on each plan. 

Paying 10 cents to 40 cents per email collected, plus your autoresponder charges, plus your ad spend is just too much, unless your leads have a high-value.

Don’t get me wrong, Unbounce probably has one of the most advanced landing pages on the market, but the cost is just too high compared to its competitors.

Try Unbounce For Free! (14 Day Free Trial + 20% Off) 

Use WishPond If:

Use WishPond if you want to use the social contests and referral campaigns they have to offer.

Although you can do this manually through a lot of effort with most landing pages, WishPond will give you some advanced options and make it a lot easier.

Other than that, there are simply better options out there.

Try WishPond For Free (14 Day Trial) 

1. Kartra 

Kartra png

Kartra offers everything Unbounce and WishPond offer for the same or an even smaller price. 

Remember WishPond’s pricing on the 25,000 leads? Yep, $343 per month. 

Here’s what Kartra offers for $299 per month  (25,000 leads included too)…

Kartra offers a true all-in-one solution but instead of just email marketing and landing pages, you also get:

And, they charge LESS than WishPond.

You also get access to all of these features in their starter plan for $99 per month and up to 2,500 leads which is the same price as WishPond’s “Everything you need plan”. 

Kartra offers a lot more than everything you need for the same price. (See what I did there?)

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Kartra 30 Day Trial

Normally, you can only get a 14 day trial for Kartra that costs $1. 

However, for a limited time, you can get an extended 30-day trial by following the instructions below. (Desktop only)

Step 1: Use This link

Step 2: Click “Start your trial”

Step 3: Once the page is fully loaded, pretend to navigate off the page or switch tabs.

Step 4: Accept the exit pop-up offering a double trial

2. GetResponse

The second alternative is GetResponse.

GetResponse offers more than what both Unbounce and WishPond offer.

Here is the list of features that GetResponse offers:

  • Email marketing (better than WishPond)
  • Webinars
  • Landing Pages
  • Autofunnels (cool feature will help you build your sales funnels)
  • And more…

GetResponse can be a great start for beginners.

Their pricing plans start from just $15 per month, but to get all the good features like:

  • Email automation workflows
  • Funnels
  • Sales pages

You need to be on the plus plan which starts at $49 per month.

But, unlike with WishPond the pricing won’t drastically increase when you collect leads.

While Wishpond’s everything you need plan ($99 per month) lets you build your list to 2,500 leads, you can build your list to 5,000 subscribers with more features for $79 per month using GetResponse.

However, GetResponse doesn’t quite beat Kartra once you do scale up, as on Kartra Gold (25,000 leads), you pay $299 per month, while on GetResponse’s professional plan, you pay $255 per month.

And, of course, all those added features like membership sites, affiliate management, and better sales funnel tools are worth more than $44 per month.

Nonetheless, both Kartra and GetResponse are great alternatives in terms of pricing, features, and quality.

Try GetResponse For Free (30 Day Trial, No Credit Card Required) 

Final Thoughts

Both Unbounce and Wishpond do have their use cases, but I think for most people, Kartra and GetResponse will offer much better solutions. 

You simply get a lot more features for the same or less cost and the quality of the features is as high.

Either way, all options do offer a trial.

Feel free to make use of those first to see which option is best for you.

I hope this article has been helpful in your choice of landing page software. If it has, make sure to leave a comment and/or share the article!

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