15 Ways Affiliate Marketing Increases Your Productivity

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Affiliate Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity: 

Welcome to this article in which you will learn 15 ways affiliate marketing increases your productivity. 

Affiliate marketing is a great place for aspiring entrepreneurs to start and one of the reasons for this is because it can increase your productivity. 

A lot of reasons that I mention in this article can also be applied to other businesses. However, as I have experienced these in affiliate marketing, I thought I would add them to the list. 

Also, some of them may not apply to you, depending on what sort of industry/work you come from. 

15 Ways Affiliate Marketing Increases Your Productivity



15 Ways Affiliate Marketing Increases Productivity

1. You will Learn That It’s All On You

If things aren’t working out for you, it’s not your vendor’s fault.

It’s not your visitor or leads fault either. It’s your fault. This means you will learn that things depend on you, meaning you will hold yourself accountable. In reality, this is the case for (almost) everything.

However, affiliate marketing is a great place to learn that. Why?

Because who are you going to blame? You can’t blame anyone, it’s all on you. This is where you will realize that you have to work i.e it will increase your productivity!

2. It Usually Takes a Long Time

Quick wins are pretty rare in affiliate marketing.

And by wins, I am not talking about $20-$30. Yes, you can sometimes get those quickly on social media or wherever, but that’s not what I am talking about.

I am talking about a win that makes it worthwhile. As it takes a long time, you will learn how to work without being paid. Therefore, increasing your productivity. 

3. If You Fail, You Have To Keep Going

There will be times where you fail.

In fact, if you are new, I can tell you right now there are a lot of them. Even, when you are experienced and are already earning a decent amount, you may try something new and sometimes it will go wrong. 

And you can’t just stop when something like that happens. If you do you fail. So, you have to keep working even after you fail. You could even fail multiple times, you still have to work more. 

4. Your “To-Do List” Get’s Bigger

At first, when you start you have tiny do lists. 

You try to do something really small every day, but then you don’t see results. But you want results, so you add something and you keep adding more things to the list. Eventually, you have a huge to-do list and you get everything done a lot quicker. 

Of course, this may not be the case for everyone. However, I have seen this in a couple of people, especially bloggers. They start off once a week, then it becomes more frequent and they promote their own content too.

A couple of years past, they are absolutely productivity machines. 

Short Term Goals = No Productivity

This is also something that I have learned after always focusing on short term goals. I always wanted to quickly make commissions. So, I tried so many short term things that worked, but not in the long term. 

Even when I was making some pretty good money from it, I wasn’t really going anywhere. It just felt like I was moving side-ways. Quite often, I blew some of the money on high-risk stuff or just on personal spending like visiting friends abroad 2 or 3 times per year.

After years of doing this, I was just still in the same position. I learned a lot, but my productivity was trash, I only ever wanted quick money and my spending wasn’t great either. However, just 6 months into this blog, my to-do list is probably 5x bigger than what it used to be, if not more. 

What I am saying is, you can focus on the short term, but it should motivate you to do tasks that will benefit in the long term. Otherwise, you will just end up moving side-ways getting some money, paying your bills and blowing most of the rest on high-risk stuff or personal spending. 

In these years of me messing around, somebody I knew took the long route and is now at 120,000 subscribers on YouTube. This is somebody who uploaded on a daily basis for years, so he will really go far with what he is doing.

Not only am I happy for him, but it also taught me that there are no shortcuts. 

5. You will Have To Do Things You Don’t Want To

As an affiliate, you have many tasks. Yes, your only task is to promote, but into that go a lot of other tasks too.

Some of them, you will absolutely hate. But, you have to do them, that’s part of it. 

For example, I hate writing emails, yet, I have to write multiple per day. That’s just a part of it. 

This will teach you to do things that you don’t want to. Again, increasing your productivity. 

6. Unproductive Days Will Punish You

On your unproductive days, you will not move forward.

You will start to notice this a lot, especially in the beginning.

This will then push you to be more productive. Otherwise, you won’t go anywhere, or at least not very far. 

7. You Will Waste Some Time On BS…

In the beginning, there will be that one guru that tells you a lot of BS.

Like go on Facebook add a bunch off people message them and stuff like that. Or, you go in a completely wrong niche creating content. 

Basically, anything that you waste a load of time on. This will teach you the real value of time and make you waste less. Therefore, it will increase your productivity. 

8. You Will Spend More Time With Yourself

Once you spend a lot more time in affiliate marketing, you will spend a lot less socializing with others. 

In fact, you may even be a really extreme case and find it super-weird to socialize a lot. Not in a bad way like being shy or anything like that. It just won’t feel the same anymore. 

A couple of months ago for new years, I was abroad visiting some old friends. On new years day, we met pretty early, but there wasn’t a lot to do, as we met in the city and most shops and even bars were closed. 

And then one of my friends mentioned something along the lines of “let’s do this to waste some time”. I almost flipped out. Why the hell should I waste my time?

I know it was due to the situation, but I just could not stand the term wasting time. It would be a lot more beneficial to be at home working. Due to the situation we were in, I didn’t say anything, despite being absolutely fuming.

Because I think if I would have, they would have thought I have some sort of problems. Keep in mind, these were my “normal” friends who I have been friends with since very young who don’t do anything in an entrepreneurial direction. 

What I am saying is if you go deep into affiliate marketing or any other business, you will have to give up some of your social life. If none of your friends do anything similar, you may even have to give up a large time of it.

Is it worth it?

Definitely, if that’s what you want to do. 

9. You will Have To Learn While Working

Just working isn’t enough. At most jobs, once you do the initial learning, there really isn’t too much to learn.

And if there is, there is usually some sort of special presentation to teach you whatever you need to know. In affiliate marketing, you can buy whatever course you want and guess what?

You still need to learn due to the affiliate marketing industry growing and evolving quickly.

This is something where a lot of people go wrong. I still buy courses today if they are relevant and can help me progress. When I used to use Facebook and I used to be in groups of courses that I bought I saw this mistake a lot.

Instead of finding a quick “how-to” guide on Google or YouTube, they would post so many posts looking like this:

“Hey [Course vendor name], can you add a new video on affiliate disclosures due to”

“Hey [Course vendor name], can you add a new video on the changes of the newest Google update”

Like what the hell?

Just google it and find all the changes within 10 minutes.

Keep learning and finding new information. This will keep you evolving while others are stuck. 

10. Prioritizing

You will have to prioritize important work over your favourite work on some days. That’s just part of the game.

Additionally, this can also work in the sense that you have to prioritize your work over activities that you prefer, such as spending time with your friends. 

Your priorities are what determines your success. 

11. Your Free Time Will Become More Organized

Before affiliate marketing, my free time was not organized at all. 

Even at the start, it wasn’t very organized. 

Organizing was not something that I would connect with free time. However, once I started getting seriously into affiliate marketing, I noticed that I had to be organized.

Otherwise, I could not work effectively. 

12. Less Social Media = More Work


To be honest, I never really liked social media a lot. However, there were times when I used it a lot. 

But once I got deeper into affiliate marketing, that changed. It’s just a huge waste of time, at least if you are not socializing with the right kind of people. 

All social media apps that I used for my personal life? Uninstalled them all. The only ones that I still use are Twitter and Pinterest, but those are related to affiliate marketing, not personal.

I’m not saying everybody will do the same and uninstall all. However, I do think a large percentage of people going into affiliate marketing will decrease their time spent on useless social media. 

13. More Work = More Results

When you start spending a longer amount of time in affiliate marketing, you will notice this.

The more work you do, the more results you get. Once you do realize this you will start to work more, it’s totally natural.

However, make sure you don’t sacrifice the “working more” for working smarter. You can work smart and build systems that do things for you, but then spend the additional time on something else. 

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing: 

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14. The Power Of Consistency

This is especially the case if you go into content creation.

I talk about this one a lot because it’s important. You’re never going to go anywhere doing something once or for a couple of weeks.

The way you get somewhere you want to is by doing it consistently for weeks, months and years. It’s no different than going to the gym. 

15. It Gets Rid Of The Employee Mindset

Lastly, this only applies to you if you’re coming from a job.

You’re not getting paid hourly in affiliate marketing. That means it gets you out of the employee mindset. You’re usually working to generate more traffic or making the traffic you are generating convert better. That’s the bottom line.

You can increase the money you make by an unlimited amount through work and monetary investment. Once you notice that, you won’t need an hourly pay.

And once you don’t need an hourly pay, you will work more until you get a lot more than an hourly pay. I hope that makes sense. ‘

Final Words

As you have seen throughout this article, affiliate marketing can increase your productivity in many ways. It’s a great place for aspiring entrepreneurs to start due to this.

I know that if you are already doing something in an entrepreneurial direction, some of these points may not apply to you. However, I still think some aspects can increase productivity for you. 

I hope that you enjoyed this article if you did make sure to leave a comment and/or share the post.


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