3 Weirdest Affiliate Marketing Strategies (Don’t Try The Last Two)

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Weirdest Affiliate Marketing Strategies

There are thousands of affiliate marketing strategies out there.

You can get the usual ones, that I probably mention a lot, or you can also get some weirder ones.

Today, I am going to share with you the 3 weirdest affiliate marketing strategies, that I know of. But, if you’re interested in better ones, make sure to check out: Affiliate marketing business ideas. 

They can be quite unethical, so I am by no means saying you should go and use any of these strategies as you can get in trouble using them. 

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is for educational purposes only. If you act on any information within this blog post, I am not responsible. 

Weirdest Affiliate Marketing Strategies

To keep things more interesting, I will start with the less unethical one.

All of the strategies will be explained in detail, so what you do with the information is your choice (but I’m not responsible!)

If you want to skip to the craziest one, go straight to the #1, which is probably considered stealing. 

However, it’s probably also the one that you are least likely going to use, so keep that in mind.

Also, by using any of these strategies, you won’t have the needed affiliate disclaimers, which could also get you into additional trouble. 

Weirdest Affiliate Marketing Strategies #3 = Comment + Edit

YouTube comments can get a lot of eyeballs in certain niches, as you can see in the random example of YouTube comments below. 

The strategy, I am about to tell you about is not something that I have done in years, but it might still work. 

As you can see, in the image below, hundreds or even thousands of people see YouTube Comments. 

This first strategy isn’t actually unethical in any way, so you can probably replicate it if you wanted to.

However, you would be missing the needed affiliate disclaimers and stuff like that. 

I used to do it on YouTube, but I guess it can work anywhere else too, you just have to be able to edit your comment. 

Below is an example, of what I used to do.

To put it into context for you, teamprofit, is a gambling affiliate site, that teaches people “matched betting” for free, but they make money by referring people to the bookmakers & casinos. 

Matched betting is like a risk-free way of betting, where you bet on all outcomes and turn the promotional offers into cash. 

They have a refer-a-friend program that pays you £10 per person that joins and starts matched betting, which is what I used in the example below. 

P.S You may even want to check out Team Profit for yourself, as there is £1000 worth of welcome offers that you can turn into cash. (Only works in the UK) Also, keep in mind I have not used them in years, but I assume they still do the same thing.  

Example: After football (Soccer) matches, YouTube channels would always upload either the game highlights or some sort of video around the match.

These videos usually get hundreds of thousands of views and dozens of thousands even in the first hour, especially if it’s a high-profile match. 

This is a random match, and it still got 190K in 19 Hours. 

Before the video was even uploaded, I would think of a funny comment to leave on all of these videos (because there are a few) and as soon as the videos would be uploaded, I would go and comment under each one of them.

After the comment then had hundreds or sometimes even thousands of likes, I would then edit a short paragraph underneath it, saying something like: “If you want to make money with risk-free bets, head over to teamprofit.com (it’s free)”

However, instead of the teamprofit.com, I would have my shortened affiliate link.

I wouldn’t edit the comment completely, else people would stop liking it and the algorithm would stop showing it to people. 

Doing this on 4-8 different videos would usually land me anywhere from £100-£300 in a day. 

This was a couple of years ago, so YouTube may have fixed the algorithm, but you can give it a go if you want. 

Just keep in mind, I am not responsible for anything you try, or the consequences. 

How Can You Do This?

Of course, you can do this with more niches than football.

Maybe you could comment on all of the coronavirus videos and sell masks with a dropshipping store or maybe with some other niche.

There definitely is some opportunity with this method due to the number of viewers, but just like with anything it also does take some testing.

It might take you 10+ tries to even make a sale because you do actually have to get good at it.

You are trying to convince people who came to watch a YouTube video to take the action you want them to take. 

Weird Affiliate Marketing Strategy #2 = Pretend To Be Somebody Else

Now, we are going towards more unethical strategies.

This second strategy is simply pretending to be somebody else (famous, high profile person)

There are many different ways you can do this, but it’s unethical and you also have to get really good at it to not get caught out quickly. 

I don’t think you should use this strategy if you want to use a strategy, use the first one. 

Method 1: Look Out For Expired Domains

Just like Exact Match Domains, Expired domains are always a huge opportunity.

When people go out of business, change their names, or sometimes just leave the online world, they let their domain names expire.

This domain usually has some authority, so it’s pretty easy to rank for some keywords in Google.

You can then use their trusted personality to make sales on related products or services.

Is it unethical? Yes 100%, so I would say do not try this method or the second method.

Method 2: Social Media Accounts

There are so many social media sites out there other than the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

And, even with those, not all people use all of those platforms.

Sometimes, you can find a certain more known person, or a guru and create a social media account for that platform. 

People run after any more known person like chickens. 

For example, on Quora, if you pretend to be somebody more known with a “flashy” credential, bio, and profile picture people will upvote everything you say. This would make Affiliate marketing on Quora, extremely profitable. 

You could create a social media account for some sort of guru, and just sell with your shortened affiliate link, if you do it well, nobody is going to notice. 

You have to get good at it and act as if you’re them, post their newest videos, talk like them and promote all of their stuff (with your shortened affiliate link).

Do I recommend you do this? Again, no. Although, I guess you could ask the person and tell them you have their username for this platform. I imagine some wouldn’t care, in which case you might be fine. 

You Can Get into a lot of trouble

Keep in mind, that is probably illegal and you can get into tons of trouble doing this.

I don’t recommend you do it, nor am I responsible for what you do.

But, what you do, is up to you. 

Weirdest Affiliate Marketing Strategies #1: Want a Free Audit? 

This last one, I am pretty sure you can consider stealing.

But, hey, the Honey app steals too, so you wouldn’t be alone. 

Usually, most Hotels in big cities these days, have affiliate programs, or if not they are on Hotels.com which has an affiliate program. 

Sometimes, you would need like a travel-based website or something like that, but sometimes you can just wing it without one. 

Again, I don’t recommend it, nor am I liable or responsible for anything you do after reading this article. 

Here’s how it works: 

You go to a hotel and ask them if they want a free SEO audit, as this can help you get SEO clients in the future and blah blah blah. 

So, you ask them for access to their analytics, search console, and GMB (Google My Business)

You go and make them their free audit, a little basic one with an SEO tool, but that’s not all you do. 

In their GMB listing, you switch out the link to their website, with a shortened affiliate link. 

Now, you go and give them their free audit and you’re done.

Every time when somebody goes to their website through their GMB listing and books a hotel room, you earn anywhere from 5-15% on that sale. 

Again, there are significant risks in doing this, so don’t.

The Problem With All Of These Methods

All of these methods can get you into trouble.

Even in the first one, you don’t have affiliate disclaimers, so that could be an issue.

As of the other two methods that I explained in this blog post, you can get into all kinds of legal issues, so I recommend you avoid them.

And, thinking about it, you can make a lot more money in the long term using ethical methods, such as blogging. 

You might say the first one is not necessarily unethical, but the FTC might come after you for not using affiliate disclaimers and you can also have YouTube accounts shut down.

So, is it worth it? 

Probably not.


These methods are somewhat funny, but probably also useless.

I just felt like making this post, as I felt like a lot of people who read my content only know of the most standard ways of doing affiliate marketing. 

There are so many more ways. 

I have even heard of some people running python scripts on Adult/chat websites to generate leads and sales in those niches. 

People do the craziest stuff online. 

Personally, I recommend that you stick to something much more basic, secure, and long term like blogging, but what you do is up to you. 

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