Where To Buy Solo Ads For Your Business – Complete Solo Ad Guide

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Just like affiliate marketing with Facebook ads, Solo ads are quick, effective and scalable. 

However, you need to make sure you are not paying for fake clicks and bots!

Otherwise, you will never get any sales, and that’s the main reason we are buying clicks right?

There are tons of different places where you can purchase solo ads, but only a handful of them are good and deliver real human traffic. 

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are just email ads. Vendors who sell solo ads have large email lists that will send out your email to their list.

When buying solo ads, the price is usually charged per click.

Best Places To Buy Solo Ads

Have you ever asked yourself, where can I buy solo ads? Well, you can buy them on Fiverr, directly from solo ad vendors or Udimi. 
Let’s start off with Fiverr… DO NOT BUY SOLO ADS FROM Fiverr, they are majority fake bots and/or traffic from Asia.
You may be attracted to the cheap price, but you will never get any sales using Fiverr solo ad traffic.
If you are buying Solo ads from Fiverr, you might as well flush your money down the toilet.  Fiverr is good for some services, but not for solo ads. 
Now, let’s get into the two options that you have that will get you sales. 

Direct Option

The first one is to go out and find people with large email lists in your niche. After you have found some you ask them if you can buy a solo ad from them and you sort out a cost per click, or the entire cost of the solo, along with a payment method, etc. 


When you directly go to somebody with a large email list, you will often find that it will be cheaper. However, there is also the risk of getting scammed, the work to find somebody and you will not be too sure about the quality of their list.


Next, we have Udimi which is a solo ad marketplace that connects solo ad buyers with vendors.
It’s a great place to buy solo ads because it has a filter for fake clicks, useless clicks, and other bad clicks. Udimi is also really cheap with the average cost per click being around $0.42. 
However, Udimi vendors usually only offer clicks in the following niches: 
  • MMO 
  • E-Marketing & E-Business
  • Health 
  • Weight Loss
  • Crypto 
  • MLM

If you need other niches, you will have to ask in the Udimi Forum or find sellers directly. If you need help finding products in these niches, you can also use my guide on the best converting ClickBank products. 

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Best Place To Buy Solo ads

The best place to buy solo ads is Udimi. Here’s why: 

  • Scam Protection
  • Cheap Price
  • Tons of sellers
  • Ease of Use
  • Scalable

Overall, Udimi offers a great marketplace that allows us to access high-quality solo ads safely and for a cheap price.

There are tons of different sellers and the marketplace is pretty competitive, if somebody has bad traffic, the entire marketplace will stop purchasing solo ads from that seller.

Each seller also has a sales rating and a “reviews” section which we can use to determine which sellers have high-quality traffic.

Why Udimi?

You can buy solo ads from Udimi

If we buy solo ads somewhere else we simply don’t know what we are getting.

Unless we get them from Fiverr, in which case we know that the clicks are useless and will never lead to any sales.

Udimi has a system in place to stop fake clicks & we can see where the traffic is coming from.

This means we won’t get scammed.

Alongside this, they have a good system that will help us indicate which sellers have high-quality traffic and which ones don’t.

It’s also really easy to use, you don’t need any skills, all you need to do is to find a seller in your niche and order the clicks.

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How To Buy Solo Ads 

Where To Buy Solo ads

Let’s get into buying solo ads.

The first step is to head over to Udimi and create a free account.

Once, you have created your free account, head over to the “Find Sellers” section or browse the “Solo deals”.

Finding Sellers

Have a look at the different sellers and look for a seller who matches the following criteria:

  • Got a sales rating over 20%
  • At least 1 “Got Sales” rating in the past 10 days.
  • Good reviews

Now, you don’t have to follow these guidelines but that’s just the criteria that I like to use.

In terms of price, I don’t like to pay over $0.70 per click because the vendors that sell traffic for $0.40 often bring similar results.

At least in my experience.

Solo Ad Copy Text

It’s important that you write the solo ad text yourself. Make sure to do so! Why?

Because the solo ad vendor just wants to get as many clicks as quickly as possible. Also, they don’t know your offer as well as you do, so they won’t be able to write a good copy for you which qualifies the lead.

In your copy, explain your offer with a compelling story that makes your offer sound as great as it is. Make sure that the email is easily readable, but also that the copy really specifically explains who your offer is for or what they are going to receive, etc.

This is important so that we get a QUALIFIED lead, we don’t want somebody who has just clicked on our link because they have been told they can make a bunch of money by doing so.

We want interested visitors because this will allow us to get the highest conversions possible.


How To Be Profitable With Solo Ads

Now that we know why solo ads are great, let’s have a look at how we can ensure that we are profitable using solo ads.

Of course, there are tons of ways of doing this, however, I will share the method that works best for me.

1. Don’t Send Traffic To A Sales Page

Most sellers won’t allow you to send traffic directly to a sales page, which is good because it is almost impossible to be profitable that way.

The reason why it is almost impossible to be profitable is that you only have one chance to sell your product.

If you collect your leads’ email address, then you have unlimited opportunities to sell products to them.

That means the lifetime value of your visitor and lead increases which is why it is so important.

If you send them to a sales page straight from the solo ad, most of the visitors that you paid for will just leave the page.

In fact, statistics show that 99% of them will. That’s why it’s a lot better to actually collect their email address and then you can sell to them in the future.

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2. My Basic Funnel Map

Below is a picture of my basic funnel map, which you can replicate. I would not recommend 2 step opt-in forms anymore as they are simply not as effective as the funnel displayed below.

My Udimi Funnel Map

Now let me explain this funnel map. First I send them to the Opt-In Form, then after they enter their email address they will be sent to the OTO (One-Time-Offer) page. 

On this page, I have a video where I introduce myself and tell them about what my One Time Offer is. 

The video is really important because it builds trust. 

Beneath the video, there is also a clear call to action with my affiliate link to the offer. 

This also helps to keep your lead engaged which will lead to increased conversions!

Using this method, I’m usually in profit from the actual traffic run or if not I at least break even. Occasionally, I do get runs where I do not break even but then I get sales from the follow-up emails anyway. 

This means the majority of the time that I use this method, I get completely free email leads!


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Creating Funnels

To create a funnel like the one I explained above, you can use a software called Kartra which is the best sales funnel builder. 

Kartra makes it really easy to create funnels, as you do not need any sort of techie skills. 

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How Many Clicks Should You Buy?

The amount of Clicks you buy is really up to you. 

When I started using solo ads, I found that 300 was a great number to test. 

I would usually get some sales, and at least 100 opt-ins. If I didn’t then I kind of knew that this seller was not as good as other sellers. 

Once, I have made sure that the seller is good, I would always buy 1000 at a time which would cost me around $400-$500. 

If I am selling a product that’s $50 for 50% Commission, I would only need 20 Sales out of 1000 to break even, but my affiliate offer had upsells anyway which made it easy for me to be profitable. 

However, I would recommend that you just go with whatever suits you. If that is 100 then go with 100. 

Everyone has a different opinion on this, some say that you should instantly jump in with 1000 clicks for strong testing power, while others say that you should start with 100. 

Just paint your own picture, for me, it was 300 clicks that worked well for testing.

Are Solo Ads Worth It?

Yes, they definitely are.  Solo ads really did help my business a lot once I figured out the funnel map that I explained above. 
They are incredibly cheap, fast, easy and high-quality clicks unless you don’t do it properly. 
I would say a good 90% of the time, I at least break even on the actual run of the traffic, but most of the time I’m actually in profit before my follow-up emails. 
Personally, I have only ever bought solo ads from Udimi, so I can’t really tell you about any other solo ad marketplace. 
However, Udimi ads are DEFINITELY worth it but you have to do it right. 


The best place to buy solo ads is Udimi

Udimi offers a marketplace with high-quality vendors, as well as protection against scams i.e fake clicks. 

Other than that your only other option is to reach out to content creators or vendors directly who might have huge email lists. 

However, doing this there is some work involved to even find a vendor, and there are still some risks such as being scammed. 

As I said earlier, Fiverr is not a good place to buy solo ads as the quality of the traffic is terrible. 

Unless you want Asian bot traffic for some reason. 

If you are interested in growing an email list, you need to use one of the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.