Why Search Traffic Is The BEST Traffic – The Green Pool Example

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Today I wanted to talk about why search traffic is the best traffic.

Of course, some people will disagree, but I will explain why I think search traffic is the best type of traffic with an example. By the way, this is my opinion for any sort of business and you will see why. I

If you do disagree, make sure to leave a comment and prove me wrong!

It will also be helpful for me to have this post up, as I don’t always have to explain it. Instead, I can just link to it quickly. 

The Green Pool Example

I truly believe that this example is extremely powerful and may even change your mind on search traffic.

So, imagine this…

In your garden, you have a pool. Nothing is wrong with it and it’s all completely functional. 

You see an ad on Facebook, saying “Has your pool turned green? Don’t worry, here is the #1 Solution…”  (paid ads)

Now, what do you do? 

You keep scrolling. Now, some random guy adds you, you accept the request. He saw your pool in your cover photo. Now, he messages you and asks if your pool has turned green, as he has the #1 solution. (outreach)

You already saw an ad today, you get a little annoyed and block him. 

2 Years later… All of a sudden, your pool turns green, out of nowhere? 

You go to google and type in something along the lines of “pool turned green”. 

That’s it.


When your customers find you through the search results, they are looking for you (= higher conversions). Not only that, but they are also looking for you at the perfect time for them. 

By getting into the search results, you are marketing yourself 24/7 to anyone searching for what you have to offer. 

4 Reasons Why Search Traffic Is The BEST Traffic

Don’t get me wrong, other platforms such as social media also have their benefits, for example, the viral part of it through retweets/share, etc. however, it’s not as easy to go viral as it is to get some traffic from search engines. If you want to go viral, you are very dependant on the actions of others. 

Search Traffic Is Always Laser-Targeted

Everyone always talks about the amazing targeting from Facebook ads. However, search traffic is the most targeted. When somebody types exactly what they want into Google and your offer comes up, that’s attraction marketing at it’s best (assuming your offer is what they want).

In terms of targeting Facebook ads can never compete with SEO. I don’t care how targeted your Facebook ads are, they will never be more targeted than a search term. 

Right Time, Right Place

When you are running Facebook ads or really using any other type of non-search traffic, your lead could be anywhere. They could be waiting for a bus that is about to arrive. When they are searching for you in Google, they are usually at home, ready to purchase anything that they need or want (as they are searching for it.)


Search traffic is FREE! When you have a piece of content on YouTube or Google that is ranking for the term that you want it to rank, you don’t have to pay Google or YouTube to have it there. In fact, you can even get paid for it through ads if you wanted to. So, that’s another reason why search traffic is amazing. 

Higher Trust

When your visitor or lead is searching for you, they get the feeling you are helping them. You are the free resource that is answering their question. If you are advertising to them, they know you are paying and are getting an ROI. So, they know that you will be selling them something. People do not like being sold. 


Search traffic is the best source of traffic! 

Okay, I understand social media and other sources of traffic have their advantages too, but let me know your opinion on what is the best source of traffic in the comment section below. If you are an affiliate and you want to build a blog to gain high-quality search traffic, make sure to check out this guide on starting a profitable affiliate marketing blog. 

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