WishPond vs GetResponse

WishPond vs GetResponse: Which One Is Better For You?

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The two main components of most online businesses are landing pages and email marketing.

Today, we are going to compare two platforms that do exactly that, WishPond vs GetResponse

We are going to take a deep look at the features, pricing, and compare them overall to help you find the best-suited option for your business. 

WishPond vs GetResponse

WishPond vs GetResponse: Main Differences

WishPond and GetResponse have similar features such as landing pages and email marketing tools. However, GetResponse is much lower-priced across all plans and also offers autofunnels and webinars.  On the flip side, WishPond offers custom CSS customization and social contests.

WishPond vs GetResponse: Overview

Founded in19982009
ServicesLanding Pages, Funnels, CRM, email marketing, webinarsLanding pages, email marketing
PricingStarting at $15 per monthStarting at $49 per month (annual only)
Free Trial30 Days (No Credit card required)14 Days
Money-Back GuaranteeNone50% if canceled in the first two months
Overall Rating8.5/107/10

WishPond Features

WishPond has some great features and it covers all the core online business features most people look for (Landing pages, Email Marketing). 

Here are the features WishPond has to offer: 

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Contests
  • Custom CSS

Email Marketing

Firstly, we have email marketing features.

WishPond gives you everything you need to start a successful email marketing combine.

This includes:

So, it’s pretty much a normal autoresponder.

Landing Pages

Next, we have the landing pages inside of WishPond.

WishPond also comes with 100+ free landing page templates which are nice and easy-to-edit. 

The editor (image below) does feel a little like Elementor for WordPress.

Social Contests

Next, we have another feature that makes WishPond unique, social contests.

WishPond allows you to easily create social contests, referral campaigns, and similar events in a couple of clicks. 

This can work great, but you can also probably do this manually with any landing page builder

Custom CSS

Lastly, we have the custom CSS feature.

Another feature that is pretty unique compared to most of its competitors.

With WishPond, you can add your own custom CSS to make the pages look exactly how you want them.

GetResponse Features

Despite the low pricing of GetResponse, it has a huge number of features.

Here are the features GetResponse has to offer:

Email Marketing Tools 

Firstly, we have the email marketing tools which you will find inside of GetResponse.

Given that GetResponse was originally just an autoresponder, you would expect these to be strong. 

And, that’s exactly what they are.

GetResponse has all the standard email marketing features such as:

  • Automation workflows (Also, behavior-based)
  • Split-testing 
  • Lead-tagging

I found that compared to WishPond, GetResponse gives you more triggers in the automation workflows, as well as better analytics and more split-testing options.

Not only that, from the plus plan and up, GetResponse also scores the contacts for you, so you can easily determine what actions you need to take to keep your list active. 

Landing Pages 

The next feature inside GetResponse is landing pages & templates. 

GetResponse comes with around 200 templates which you can easily edit to create a landing page that converts your visitor.

It’s easy to use and it also has pop-ups!


GetResponse AUtofunnel

Now, let’s talk about one of my favorite features, the autofunnel feature.

The autofunnel will assist you in building your entire sales funnel which will make it much easier. 

Plus, it will even measure the ROI for you directly!


Another cool feature inside GetResponse is the webinars. 

You probably know what a webinar is, but with GetResponse you can host them.

This is a great little feature to have in case you ever need it, even if you don’t need it right now. 

Basic CRM

In the higher plans, GetResponse also comes with a CRM (Customer-relationship management) tool.

It is a little limited compared to other CRM tools out there such as ActiveCampaign, as it does not quite let you automate as much as you can with other options.

Nonetheless, it’s a useful added feature inside of GetResponse. 

GetResponse vs WishPond: Mobile-Responsiveness

Both of these solutions have an editor that lets you easily edit the mobile version of your page too.

You can also preview the mobile version, so in terms of mobile-responsiveness, they both perform well. 

How Much Do They Both Cost?

Let’s take a look at the costs that both of these solutions come at.

WishPond Pricing

Firstly, we have WishPond’s pricing.

I’m not a big fan of their pricing table. Why?

  1. You can only pay annually
  2. Take a look at how quickly you have to upgrade between the plan as your list grows. 

Wishpond pricing

Yeah, they might start off at $49 per month, but let me give you a contrast comparison on the next pricing plan.

Their “Everything you need” plan lets you collect 2,500 leads.

Kartra another all-in-one solution also offers space for 2,500 leads, but it:

For the SAME price. 

So, that’s why I am not a big fan of WishPond’s pricing, despite there being nothing wrong with their features. 

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GetResponse Pricing

Just like many other autoresponders GetResponse’s pricing table updates dynamically depending on the number of leads.

Below, you can see the pricing for all plans up to 1,000 leads, but for the full pricing please see their website.

Annual discounts are available too.

Keep in mind, in order to get the needed tools such as automation sequences, you will need the plus plan.

GetResponse pricing

GetResponse pricing also doesn’t increase as rapidly as WishPond’s does.

Here’s what I am talking about, let’s say you’re on the plus plan for GetRespone which already offers more than WishPond. 

While on WishPond, you would have to already be paying $199 per month as soon as you cross 2,500 leads, with GetResponse, you would only have to pay $79 per month for 5,000 subscribers (on the plus plan!)

Who Wins Overall?

WishPond may have social contests and custom CSS, but GetResponse has:

  • better pricing plans (lower cost, more options, etc.)
  • Advantage in email marketing
  • Webinars 
  • Autofunnel
  • CRM (Although, it’s limited)

GetResponse has more features, for a smaller price. 

For me, the clear winner is GetResponse

GetResponse  simply offers more and better features for a smaller price.

The only aspect in which WishPond wins is the social contests and the custom CSS.

Yeah, these features may be quite cool, but they don’t outweigh the tools that GetResponse comes with.

Not only this but if you were to use WishPond, you could only pay annually which I assume is going to be a turnoff for a lot of people. This is quite a similar outcome to Kartra vs WishPond. 

Final Thoughts

Both of these platforms have some great features.

But, the difference is really at the price they come at.

While GetResponse has low-pricing plans across all plans, WishPond starts off low and then increases rapidly.

It’s important that you do take this aspect into account too, because you will quickly exceed 1,000 leads, meaning you could be over-paying pretty quickly.

As I mentioned earlier, Kartra offers tons of more features for the same price as WishPond.

So, you always want to take a look at the competitors and find the best option for you.

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