WPX Hosting vs Kinsta

WPX Hosting vs Kinsta: The Managed Hosting Showdown | Ultimate Comparison

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If you’re a user of the WordPress CMS, you probably have taken a look at managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting has some great benefits like faster speed, automatic site backups, and better support. 

Today, we’re going to compare two great managed WordPress hosting solutions, WPX Hosting vs Kinsta.

We’re going to determine a winner between these two popular solutions by putting them to the test in the four aspects where it matters the most. 

WPX Hosting vs Kinsta: Key Differences

WPX Hosting and Kinsta are both great managed WordPress solutions. The main difference is that WPX hosting is faster than Kinsta and also comes at a smaller price while providing more bandwidth on most plans. However, Kinsta provides managed WooCommerce hosting, while WPX hosting does not. 

Both options also offer free migrations, SSL Certificates & a CDN, as well as free malware removal. 

WPX Hosting vs Kinsta


This comparison will be split into four main categories:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Support

These are the main things to look for in a hosting provider and the aspects that matter the most, so let’s see how WPX hosting and Kinsta perform. 

WPX Hosting vs Kinsta: Overview

WPX HostingKinsta
Founded In20132013
ServicesManaged WordPress HostingManaged WordPress Hosting
WooCommerce Hosting
Enterprise Hosting
PricingSee WebsiteSee Website
  • Custom High-Speed CDN
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Premium Free Migrations
  • Free Malware Removal
  • KeyCDN 
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Limited Premium Migrations
  • Free Malware Removal (Unless found during migration, then $100 fee)
Customer Support9/10

Chat & Ticketing

Support is brilliant, but no phone support. 


Chat & Ticketing

Support is brilliant, but no phone support. 

Money-Back Guarantee30 Days 30 Days
Get WPX HostingGet Kinsta


Our first category is pricing.

In this category, we are going to compare the pricing, as well as the resources that both WPX hosting and Kinsta provide including:

  • Bandwidth
  • Number of websites
  • Visits

WPX Hosting Pricing

Let’s take a look at the WPX Hosting pricing plans first.

WPX hosting has three pricing plans, as you can see in the image below.

There are discounts available if you pay annually, usually around 25%. 

See full WPX Hosting Pricing


Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta has 10 different pricing plans.

I have added a screenshot of the first 5, but if you would like to all the plans in full detail, visit the Kinsta Plans.

Bandwidth for each Kinsta plan:

  • Starter = 50 GB
  • Pro: 100 GB 
  • Business 1: 200 GB
  • Business 2: 300 GB
  • Business 3: 500 GB

Again, for full info and the other plans, please refer to the Kinsta plans table.

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Who Wins In Pricing? 

In each plan, WPX Hosting offers more bandwidth, more websites, and unlimited visitors for a smaller price, so it’s a clear win for WPX hosting. 

With that being said, Kinsta has better Enterprise options, WPX Hosting’s plans do not exceed 35 websites & 40 GB Storage. 

For Enterprise solutions, it’s a win for Kinsta, for all other solutions, it’s a win for WPX Hosting. 


Let’s take a look at both of the features that both of these hosts have to offer.

WPX Hosting Features

The features within WPX hosting shown below are included in all plans.

See full features on wpxhosting.com

All servers from WPX hosting are hosted on their own servers! 

Kinsta Features

Here are some of the features that Kinsta has to offer:

  • Free KeyCDN
  • Free Premium Migrations (1-3 depending on plan)
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting
  • Unlimited Basic Migrations
  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • DDoS Protection
  • Php 7.4
  • 24 Global Locations
  • 14 Day Automatic Backup
  • Hack & Malware Removal
  • Staging Area
  • Free SSL Certificates

Some of these features are only for specific plans, so if you would like more info on that, you visit the Kinsta pricing table. 

Who Wins In Features?

I think Kinsta just wins this round due to the managed WooCommerce hosting and a few other factors. 

Kinsta offers 14-day automatic backups and 24 global locations vs WPX hosting’s 28-day automatic backups and 3 global locations. 

Plus, Kinsta is also powered by the Google cloud network meaning the servers are hosted on Google’s cloud network.

However, WPX Hosting hosts its own servers which has its own benefits too. 

Also, WPX Hosting offers unlimited premium migrations,  meaning they will migrate your site for you, while Kinsta only offers a limited number of premium migrations per plan. 

Other than that, they are pretty much identical in terms of features, so it’s a (small)  win for Kinsta. 

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Site Speed

(Source of all tests & images used: Matthew Woodward) 

Let’s compare both of these options in terms of speed, as that’s what a lot of people look for in a hosting company. 

To do this, I have borrowed a test from Matthew Woodward, as he made a brilliant test between Kinsta, WPX hosting and a number of other hosting companies. 

He created an image-heavy site and cloned it onto each hosting platform to see which one would perform best. 

But, for this comparison, we’re going to be focusing on WPX hosting and Kinsta.

GTMetrix Comparison

In case you didn’t know, GTMetrix is a popular way to measure site speed.

As you can see, they both performed great, but WPX hosting came out in front. In fact, they had a page load time half the time from Kinsta

Pingdom Comparison

Pingdom is also another popular way to measure site speed, which Matthew also used to compare the site speed of these different hosts.

Again, both performed well, but WPX hosting did exceptionally well and took half the page load time of Kinsta.

Load Impact Comparison 

The next comparison measures the sites speed while it’s under the impact of 500 users at once.

For this comparison, Kinsta does marginally beat WPX hosting in “average response time” which is the most important factor.

But, the difference is very small (2ms) and WPX wins in “highest load time” and “average request rate”.

So, I would call this one a draw, but you can call it a small win for Kinsta if you want. 

WordPress Performance Tester

The next test was designed to test the website performance of the actual server itself by making it perform multiple tasks such as maths, string manipulations and a couple of other tasks. 

Here Kinsta performed best and was 158 milliseconds faster than WPX Hosting while making 432 additional queries per second. 

Not a huge difference, but definitely a win for Kinsta

Who Wins In Speed? 

For the speed contest between the two, WPX hosting takes the win. 

In both tests by GTMetrix and Pingdom, WPX hosting took half the time Kinsta took to load the identical page. 

Kinsta did half some marginal wins in the load impact and server tests, but they were far too small to outweigh WPX hosting’s speed. 


Our last comparison is in support.

Unlike other hosting companies, both of these options are known to have brilliant support teams.

If you have a problem with your site, whether that be malware, SSL, speed, or whatever else you can think of, they will be ready to assist you.

Just judging by the support quality, both of these options receive a straight 10/10.

However, neither of them has phone support which some people may prefer, so overall for support, I would give both companies a 9/10.

Get WPX HostingGet Kinsta

WPX Hosting vs Kinsta: Who’s The Winner? 

Overall, I would give it to WPX Hosting.

However, it always depends on the purpose of the site.

If you’re looking for an Enterprise solution and need more than 40GB storage or 35 websites, then go with Kinsta

PricingWPX Hosting
SpeedWPX Hosting

Kinsta also wins in features which might be a reason for some people to go for Kinsta if the added features are ones that they are looking to use (Managed WooCommerce hosting, better for SaaS tools, etc.) 

It’s a tough decision, as both of these hosts are great, but overall I would say WPX hosting wins, especially when you consider their pricing. 

Picking Between WPX Hosting and Kinsta

Here is how I would pick between WPX and Kinsta.

Bloggers, small businesses and “normal” websites = WPX Hosting

WooCommerce Users, SaaS Tools & Enterprise businesses = Kinsta

WPX Hosting provides more value for money, while Kinsta provides more Enterprise options and managed WooCommerce hosting. 

Either way, I definitely wouldn’t knock either of these two options, as they both provide a quality service for their users, alongside quality support. 

If you have any questions or need help making a choice, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you asap. 

Other than that, I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you did make sure to share it and/or leave a comment! 

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