Zlappo Review

Zlappo Review: Save Time & Money Automating Twitter?

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Zlappo Review


Welcome to my Zlappo review. 

I recently came across this tool while I was using Twitter and I thought that I would give it a try. If you came across Zlappo and are wondering whether this tool is for you, then this review should help you make a decision. 

Table of contents:

What Is Zlappo? 

Zlappo Features

Is Zlappo Safe To Use? 

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Zlappo Pricing

Zlappo Review: Pros & Cons

Personal Experience


What Is Zlappo?

Zlappo is a tool that allows you to automate your Twitter account. 

Posts, retweets, etc. can all be automated with this tool. For entrepreneurs, small businesses, Influencers, and even personal accounts this can be extremely useful, as you can probably imagine. 

Especially, for businesses, as the average salary of a social media manager is £37,500 per year. (totaljobs)

So, before you go hiring one of those social media managers, you may want to stick around for this review, as it could save you time/money. Most account owners, usually don’t tend to take their social accounts too seriously due to the workload. I must admit, I was guilty of this too. 

However, with less time spent on social media, social media does have a lot of value, otherwise, businesses wouldn’t be paying managers an average of £37.5K per year. 

Note: The average of £37,500 (GBP) mentioned above, is around $43,000 (USD).


Zlappo Features

Zlappo has three main features that will make your life on Twitter a lot easier. Each feature is explained in detail below, alongside some information on why it’s useful. 

Fast Scheduling Of Tweets & Retweets

The first feature is the fast scheduling of tweets and retweets. To give you an idea, it took me about 10 minutes to think of the content and schedule 7 tweets. If I wasn’t thinking of the content too, it would honestly have taken a maximum of 2 minutes. 

In terms of ease of use and efficiency, it’s unbeatable. Another great thing about this feature is that you can schedule retweets, this is not available in most other twitter automation tools. With this feature, you could schedule a month’s worth of tweets and just leave it. 

I really like this feature, I have used other twitter automation tools, but this one beats all of them in speed. 

In the picture below is a screenshot of this feature. You click on the slot, fill it out and move on to the next one. It all works in a few clicks and is extremely efficient. Of course, you can change the time/ leave fields out if you wanted to.  


Easily Schedule Threads

Threads can often be effective for marketing tweets.

However, scheduling them has always been quite a big pain. Well, zlappo actually allows you to schedule threads quickly. How? 

By just continuing typing or just clicking “add reply”. It’s literally that easy, so that’s another feature that I really like. 

Recycle Tweets Effectively

Another great feature that I haven’t seen before, is the ability to recycle tweets so effectively. There are two different ways to do this. 

  1. You can create content and add it to the “evergreen” category. Then whenever you have a free spot, Zlappo will tweet it out for you.
  2. Auto-retweet your tweets that get a certain amount of engagement that you choose. 

If you want to schedule a specific retweet, you can do so with the normal scheduling feature. 

Try Zlappo For Free!

Is Zlappo Safe To Use?

Yes, Zlappo does not go against any of Twitter’s terms and conditions. 

No function that is available in Zlappo is banned by Twitter. I would not write a positive review if it wasn’t safe.

In case you are worried about your account, it uses API technology developed by Twitter. Zlappo can in no way gain access to your account or account details. Zlappo can only take the actions that you want it to take. 

There are no risks in using this tool. 

Try Zlappo For Free

So, I know that this Zlappo review has been very positive, as I do really like the tool. 

If you do want to start automating your Twitter account effectively, then you can actually get started for free. 

Zlappo offers a 14 Day trial and it does not require a credit card. I recommend that you try this tool for yourself, just because I like it, doesn’t mean you will. So, testing it out is always the best option. 

Try Zlappo For Free!

Zlappo Pricing

Now that we have seen the value in this tool, let’s look at the cost of it. I had some trouble formatting the pricing image and keeping the detail visible, so I have just written it out instead. If you would like to see the Zlappo pricing table, please head over to Zlappo.com

FREE Trial: 

  • 100 Tweets Total 
  • Connect 1 Twitter Account
  • Schedule Tweets A Month Ahead

Real G: $9.99 Per Month

  • 1000 Tweets per month 
  • Connect 1 Twitter Account
  • 1 Repeating Tweet
  • Schedule Tweets A Month Ahead

Hustler: $29.99 Per Month

  • 10,000 Tweets per month
  • Connect 10 Twitter Accounts
  • 10 repeating tweets
  • Schedule 1 year ahead
  • Buk scheduling via spreadsheet upload
  • Evergreen List
  • Auto-retweet based on engagement

Tycoon: $99.99 Per Month

  • Unlimited Tweets per month
  • Connect Unlimited Twitter Accounts
  • Unlimited repeating tweets
  • Unlimited scheduling 
  • Bulk scheduling via spreadsheet upload
  • Evergreen List
  • Auto-retweet based on engagement

Try Zlappo For Free!

Zlappo Review: Pros & Cons


  • Saves Time & Money
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Cheap Pricing
  • Useful & Unique Features




  • Only available for Twitter as of right now. 

I found it quite hard to find any cons, as it is a very useful tool for Twitter. However, it’s not available for other social media platforms such as Instagram, so I thought I would mention it. Although, this con is a little harsh and it’s not a real con. 

Personal Experience

I also wanted to share my personal experience with this tool. 

So, I often mention that usually, I put 0 time & effort into social media. Managing it, posting, replying, etc. just takes up so much time. This is the reason, I always say that I think my time is better spent focusing on SEO. However, that has obviously changed now. 

I tried other twitter automation tools, but I never found them efficient. It would still take me over half an hour a day to post a couple of tweets. However, this tool is a lot more efficient, it only takes me 10 minutes per day and it’s really easy to use. 

With this tool, I will be using Twitter a lot more. As you can have the added benefits of growth & visits to your site, with a lot less effort. If you follow me on Twitter, you will see how much more I am & will be tweeting, compared to before. 

Personally, I am really glad somebody recommended this tool to me, as I can finally get the benefits from social media, without having to put tons of time in it. You can also see what others are saying at Zlappo.com

Zlappo Review: Conclusion

As you have seen throughout this review, Zlappo is a great tool. 

It offers useful automation tools for Twitter that make posting, scheduling, etc. a lot easier. I am really glad that I came across this tool, as before Twitter wasn’t really worth it for me. 

However, now that it takes about 10 minutes a day, the benefits are totally worth it. If you are unsure, whether this tool will be good for you, then I recommend signing up for the 30-day free trial, it does not require a credit card. 


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